Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boot Camp Update

Well I have finished week #2 of the Tyson Method for Moms Boot Camp.  (well not quite, tomorrow is my last workout in week #2)

One word I would use to describe the Tyson Method is -- WOW!

The first day I got there was the first class in the next 6 week session.  Tami started out by saying that we were going to do a easier workout to get into it.  This class was supposed to work your legs and butt.  Boy oh boy did it ever!

It was hard.  And I mean really H-A-R-D!

We did squats and lunges.  And more squats and lunges.  For 50 minutes!

Even before the class was over my legs were rubber.  In fact for the rest of the day my legs were rubber, although the major problem was going down stairs.  The next day wasn't too bad.  I was a little sore and stairs were still a problem but for the most part I was doing good.  The next day however (Wednesday) was NOT good.  I was fine once I was standing or sitting, but the in between getting up and sitting down were torture.  I had no idea how I was going to work out in 2 days (Friday).

Well Friday came and we worked on abs & shoulders.  This class went much better and my shoulders were only slightly sore the next day.

Monday again we worked on butt and abs as well as cardio.  While the class was hard and I was very tired afterwards I found this class to be my favorite.  Maybe it was because of the type of exercises or maybe it was because I was already 3 boot camp classes in -- who knows?

Ryan comes with me to these classes.  He's not very outgoing with the other kids there so he generally just sits beside me during the workouts.  He is very quick to let me know when I am not doing exactly what the instructor is doing or when I am slowing down.

Let me be honest here. I cannot do every exercise that they introduce into the class.  I am just not strong enough is some areas (basically my whole core area) to do the exercises the way they are meant to be.  But that's okay.  While others are doing exercises where I cannot participate, I modify the exercise so that I am still getting a workout.  The trainers and instructors are very helpful in finding a way to modify the exercises so everyone can participate.

Another thing about the instructors & trainers -- They are encouraging.  They are genuinely there to help woman find their INNER beauty.  They are there to help woman gain confidence in themselves and their bodies while providing resources.

I don't see myself doing this Boot Camp week after week - I don't enjoy being away from the house 5 mornings a week (trust me when I say my housework has been pushed out of the way lately).  But I think it's a good way to jump start a workout or if you are at home the other 2 or 3 days of the week.

Check them out -- Tyson Method for Moms --

They have boot camp classes in Rosenort, St. Jean, Niverville, Winkler, and of course Steinbach.

AND they are coming to Lorette SOON!

They also have on-line workouts and a Fat Shredder program too.