Saturday, February 23, 2013

20 Years Ago Today

I remember where I was 20 years ago today, when we got the phone call that my grandpa had passed away.

My mom and I were at my grade 7 winter retreat at Red Rock.  It was a beautiful winter weekend.  While I was outside playing with my friends, one of my teachers approached me and said my mom needed to talk to me.

Right then I knew.

I felt it in my heart -- and cried.

I remember my Dad driving to Red Rock to pick us up, and I remember lying in the back seat the whole ride home -- remembering.

The first memory I have of my Grandpa is when I was about 3 or 4.  I remember waking up from a nap, walking into our living room and seeing my Grandpa there.  He smiled when he saw me.

A lot of my memories of my Grandpa included Hockey Night in Canada.

I remember sitting at his feet in their living room, listening to Hockey Night in Canada on the radio.

I remember the theme song.

I remember him explaining what "off side" and "penalty" meant.

I remember when he had his leg amputated.

I remember my Grandma changing the dressings with me in the room.

I remember how he never let having only 1 full leg slow him down.

I remember rides on his scooters to and from the park.

I remember his smile.

I remember his love for God, his Bible ever present.

Grandpa, I love you and miss you.

There are SO many things I want to share with you now.

I've told my kids about you and they would have called you Opa.


My Grandpa kept a garden.
A garden of the heart;
He planted all the good things,
That gave our lives their start.
He turned us to the sunshine,
And encouraged us to dream:
Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem.
And then the winds and rain came,
He protected us enough;
But not too much because he knew
We would stand up strong and tough.
His constant good example,
Always taught us right from wrong;
Markers for our pathway that will last
a lifetime long.
We are our Grandpa’s garden,
We are his legacy.
Thank you Grandpa, for all you've taught me.